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Some Great Things at Our School

We are home to Moriah Martin, USA's 2012 US Jr. National Team Member. Moriah made the team early last year and competed in worlds for the United States in Egypt. She was the first female Alaskan on the team. Moriah got 2nd at Nationals in 2012 traveled with the U.S. Cup Team to Puerto Rico where she won Gold Medal. She won a Bronze Medal at the Canada Open this year where there were 20 other countries participating. Moriah won bronze at 2015 Collegiate Championships after coming off a major surgery. Moriah is now in college and is an assistant coach for Liberty University.

TKD ELite USA has brought many students to higher levels of competition. Many have competed and medaled in USA Taekwondo Nationals and other national events. But you don't have to want to compete to be a part of our club


Taekwondo Elite USA

About Us
Tae Kwon Do U.S.A. is a Family Martial Arts School that has been teaching the martial arts in Anchorage and Eagle River since 1996.We offer family and sport Tae Kwon Do classes. We are active in the Taekwondo community and participate in tournaments in Alaska, nationwide and international. Greatland Martial Arts offers instruction in HAPKIDO and JUDO. All our classes are taught by experienced & talented instructors led by Grandmaster Trevor Martin, aka "Master T". Judo Classes are taught by Sensei Jacob Dempsey. Please visit for more information on Judo!

Whether you are interested in our programs for mental or physical well being, Tae Kwon Do U.S.A. offers a number of programs that will fit your developmental needs and your busy schedule as well. Click button below to view our schedule.


& Jiu jitsu

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